About Us

At EllisonLiggett, we are dedicated professionals with extensive business and financial experience. We possess the ability to analyze complicated financial data and the ability to persuasively communicate our results. We have a unique set of skills – more than a CPA.

We draw on our depth of knowledge to provide you with timely, accurate, and understandable reports related to personal damages, business valuations and other litigation matters.

Our courtroom testimony approach is to “teach” and to “sell”.

  • Teach the judge and the jury exactly what we did, why we did it and our resulting opinions.
  • Sell the judge or jury that we can be trusted because we will tell the truth, that we know what we are doing, and that we have the proper experience and expertise.

Judges and juries recognize that we are professionals who are fair and impartial, that our answers are honest, fair and accurate, and that we bring a superior level of expertise and experience to the case.

We present evidence in a manner jurors can understand by using understandable terms and meaningful graphics. We get the job done right, when it is needed and in a manner that is easily absorbed and understood.

Leadership Team

References available upon request.